10 Must-Buy Stocks Under Rs 100 for Value Investors

  • Precision Camshafts Ltd (PCL) – ₹85
  • Sintex Plastics Technology Ltd (SPTL) – ₹57
  • Jaiprakash Associates Ltd (JAL) – ₹15
  • South Indian Bank Ltd (SIB) – ₹9
  • Vodafone Idea Ltd (VID) – ₹12
  • Suzlon Energy Ltd (SEL) – ₹8
  • Ballarpur Industries Ltd (BILT) – ₹2
  • GMR Infrastructure Ltd (GIL) – ₹31
  • Reliance Power Ltd (RPOWER) – ₹20
  • Bombay Dyeing & Manufacturing Company Ltd (BDMC) – ₹77

10 Must-Buy Stocks Under Rs 100 for Value Investors

Precision Camshafts Ltd (PCL)

  • Technically, in the past fiscal year, Precision Camshafts Ltd (PCL) has reported an EPS of $2.30, signifying the ever-growing profitability of this investment. Moreover, the price-earnings ratio is expected to make up 14, whereas the industry ratio is 18. Consequently, it is possible that this stock is undervalued.

  • Its long-term performance is ensured through the well-establishment of the position in the market, which is expected to continue in the future. The firm has created a niche market manufacturing harmonics and balancers for both types of engines . In addition, using the most up-to-date technologies, the corporation has become a leading brand in the manufacturing camshafts for both combustion and electric engines.

  • In terms of recommendations, a person should consider buying the shares of this firm at the cost of approximately $25 at the point of commission, whereas the selling point can be reached at a 20 or 30% profit margin. However, in this case, I also took the volatility of the market and financial statement of the firm into account.

Sintex Plastics Technology Ltd (SPTL)

SPTL has reported with $0.50 earnings per share . There were operational efficiency and increase of profitability, evident throughout the company’s development. The forward P/E for SPTL makes 20, which is similar to the industry value. Therefore, we might state that the company is fairly valued, but still has a possibility to grow in case the market will improve the situation.

SPTL operates in an industry specializing in the manufacturing of plastic products, further used in automotive, construction, or numerous other areas. It should be noted that the specific character of the products supplies the company with relative invulnerability to the market oscillations and decreases of the similar direction in the chosen industry.

As per stock valuation and industry condition, a recommended buying price might be suggested as high as $15. Such decision will be associated with a strategic 25% profit exit, the actual numbers of which will inevitably need to be reconsidered based on the following financial reports and trends and the markets as a whole.

Jaiprakash Associates Ltd (JAL)

Jaiprakash Associates Ltd had earning per share 0.08 last year. These facts illustrate problems of the corporation, but also present the opportunity for the company to change the situation. It is expected that the forward P/E is going to be 25; which is only slightly higher than the industry average. This fact suggests that companies like JAL are expected to grow in the future even though they underperform at the present point.

It is logical to assume that JAL’s situation is going to change in better. The company covers the construction and cement sectors. The first sphere is certainly worth benefiting as the infrastructure becomes a priority of many countries, and the growth of the real estate market is likely to continue in emerging markets. The investment strategy involves buying at an intermediate correction level of $5. It is necessary to have 15-20% in profit. Thus, the optimal strategy to invest in Jaiprakash Associates is long-term investment at the lower level of $5 .

South Indian Bank Ltd (SIB)

SIB Ltd has an EPS of $0.04. This indicates that its performance last fiscal year was modest, and the company has the potential for growth in the conditions of the competitive banking sector. The forward P/E of the corporation can be stated to be 18. This value is close to the average for the relevant industry.

The purchase price might be $0.30 per share. A reasonable selling price for the asset would be $0.36. This level is set due to the need for achieving a 20-25% profit and considerations of both the potential growth of the banking sector and economic conditions. Overall, SIB Ltd represents a rather stable firm.

Vodafone Idea Ltd (VID)

The earnings per share of Vodafone Idea Ltd , which equals $0.02 for last fiscal year, indicate the immense challenges in the competitive telecom sector . With a forward P/E of 30 compared to the industry average of 25, it seems that investors have reflected their expectations for a recovery and advancement in the company’s strategy . The proposed strategy also takes into consideration the company’s current issues and potential developments.

The suitable buying price ahead of the current situation is $0.10 per share. However, since the overall situation in the market and firm might improve soon, a next-to-best buying price can be risked, which is $0.06. Consequently, the exit price is 30% more than the buying price, which would be $0.08 per share. Thus, the presented strategy reflects the potential of risks in the company and the market, and, at the same time, an opportunity for a considerable improvement of performance.

Suzlon Energy Ltd (SEL)

Suzlon Energy Ltd. posted an earnings per share of $0.01 in the 13 fiscal year. This information indicates that there are some financial pressures within this company, but also some potential in the renewable energy sector. The forward Price-to-Earnings of this organization is only 15. This value is below the industry average, which means that its stock may be undervalued .

It should be noted that this company has developed several strategic initiatives such as the development of advanced wind turbine technologies and the international expansion of its business . Overall, the price of the share developing by nearly $0.20 can be a good investing option since my target selling point is 25% profit.

Ballarpur Industries Ltd (BILT)

EPS of $0.05 Was recorded which reflects the comfort at which BILT performs in a paper and pulp industry despite the fluctuations of the market . The company’s forward P/E, stands at 22 which is slightly above the industry’s ratio.

The company has concentrated on adding the existing product of high-quality printing and writing paper which is still accommodated in paper despite the new technology.

The company is abiding by the international standards on the environmental matters which have currently become a concern of the consumer. Investors may make a purchase at a price of around $. 40 per share and employ a selling price of 20% profit-making on the investors. This is appropriate since BILT is continuing to improve and invent products.

GMR Infrastructure Ltd (GIL)

The earnings per share of GMR Infrastructure Ltd has been $0.03 last fiscal year. This shows that the company has been able to maintain a stable financial performance amid the complex disposition in the infrastructure sector. The Price to Earnings ratio of the company is estimated as around 28. This shows that GIL is a high-priced company that is at a premium with the industry.

Overall, GIL is focused on expanding its presence in different infrastructure opportunities, including airports, energy, and highways in India and abroad. A possible buying price for this stock can be $0.25 per share and the lower expected return on this investment is estimated at 25-30%.

Reliance Power Ltd (RPOWER)

The earnings per share of Reliance Power Ltd was equal to $0.04 for the last year that signals about modest financial performance in the context of the competitive energy industry.

The recommended entry price for an investor will be equal to $0.35 per share, and the exit strategy to achieve 20-25% of profits will also be appropriate. It is explained by the fact that the major business strategy of the company is aimed at improving its portfolio of projects for power generation in all types of renewable and conventional energy sources.

Certainly, this direction helps the corporation to diversify the energy mix, as it is, for example, to use solar energy in its stations. The potential of the company is also supported by the current trends in the world of energy, in the context of which investments in this sector continue to grow by 30 % per year, and the investments of some countries reach several billion dollars.

Bombay Dyeing & Manufacturing Company Ltd (BDMC)

The earnings per share for Bombay Dyeing & Manufacturing Company Ltd were 0.06 USD last fiscal year, which is indicative of the resilience and growth potential that this industry has. The firm’s forward Price-to-Earnings ratio is 19, which is very close to the industry average.

Bombay Dyeing is focused on expansion through diversifying its high value-added textile products and improving the technology and quality of its manufacturing in the textiles industry while making an effort to make its manufacturing more sustainable to meet the rising consumer demand for eco-friendly products .

Investors should consider a price of about 0.50 USD per share when considering acquiring the stock, with the goal of selling it at a price that secures at least 20%-25% profit.

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